Le Pietre Morbide
Soft Stones



The river stones are turned to animals
by Isabella Groppali


The story begins with four little dogs. Four wonderful souls which, during the years, have enriched my life.
Having them besides me is like drawing from an endless source of love; we share feelings and emotions, which they express with surprising intensity.
It’s incredible the range of expressions that they are able to show.
I adore looking at them and I am always amazed for how they are able to understand and make themselves understood.
I keep looking how to record the nicest expressions, the most tender poses, the most intense looks., and always try to capture that sparkling light in their eyes.
I experiment with different mediums, like stone, canvas, wood… and although I do not  consider
myself a painter, I find myself drawn towards painting animals portraits, particularly dogs.
I do not know why, as I have always preferred drawing, rather than painting, that is after my main interests in classical studies first, and linguistic then, but I find that this painting enriches my enjoyment along the path of serendipity.


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